Learning how to make great food at home shouldn't be difficult.
I'm here to make your life feel easier and taste better.

the complete instruction manual

the home cooking guide

everything you need to know to start making great meals at home, from how to chop vegetables to knowing what fat to use, plus a dozen recipes

hands-on coaching, every week

the home cook hq

a new recipe every week, plus instructional videos, free cookbooks, and access to a great community

14 meals, 1 shopping trip, $40 budget

the weekly shop cookbook

you don't have to spend a fortune to make great food. in this, I give you a single $40 shopping list, the ingredients of which make 14 meals for 2 people

where to find me

you can find free recipes, food inspiration, or general thoughts on life through twitter, instagram, and YouTube.you can also sign up for my newsletter, allegorical, and receive a free recipe every week directly into your inbox.